Chess Trainer

PushUps Trainer Pro - Exercise for PINK
Zen Labs LLC
PushUps Trainer Pro will help you build and tone those chest muscles...
PushUps Trainer Pro will help
Chess Deluxe
free rating
Mastersoft Ltd
This app was created for beginners as well as professional chess players...
main screen displays a chess board. You can...preferred theme and chess piece design
Dwarven Chess
Triceratapps Publishing LLC
Dwarven Chess is an entertaining board game for Mac where you can put your chess playing skill to the test through dozens...
online user to a chess match or practice...quality. Briefly, Dwarven Chess is a board game
HIARCS Chess Explorer
HIARS Chess Explorer is intended for chess player, both beginners and experts. The application is powered...
to practice with specific chess openings...its Deep HIARCS Chess Explorer
Functional Ear Trainer
free rating
Alain Benbassat
Functional Ear Trainer is a program that helps users to improve...
ear. Functional Ear Trainer contains ...exercises. Functional Ear Trainer features
Sigma Chess
free rating
Ole K. Christensen
Welcome to the Sigma Chess home page! If you own a Macintosh and you like chess...
bundled with Sigma Chess: Sigma Chess supports...the Selected Chess Links). Sigma Chess can
Koch Trainer
Pignology, LLC
Koch Trainer is a morse code trainer that uses the Koch Method developed by the German psychologist...
Koch Trainer is a morse code trainer that uses the Koch
chess - tactics and strategy
chess - tactics and strategy is a chess training program for the different levels (beginner - advanced)...
UCI and XBOARD chess engines are supported...Full-screen large chess board. Various skins
Mounties Feedback Trainer
Stairways Software
Mounties Feedback Trainer was designed to help...
Mounties Feedback Trainer was designed...crowded theatre. Mounties Feedback Trainer includes
Battle Chess Special Edition
The Battle Chess Special Edition is a pack with three different arcade games, each with its own unique gameplay...
The Battle Chess Special...Battle Chess, Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess and Battle Chess 4000
Mini Chess 5x5
free rating
Golmium Software Inc.
Mini Chess is a minimalistic chess game. It is chess variant on 5×5 board...
Mini Chess is a minimalistic chess game. It is chess...from the standard chess rules: the pawn
Chess Free
free rating
Optime Software LLC
Chess Free trains your brain with chess games for iPhone and iPod Touch. It supports both 1 player and 2 player...
your brain with chess games for iPhone
Absolute Pitch Trainer
Aktiv Systems
Absolute Pitch Trainer is software that is designed specifically to help users develop the skill...
Absolute Pitch Trainer embodies that methodology...Absolute Pitch Trainer
AD5RX Morse Trainer
free rating
Jon Nall
AD5RX Morse Trainer is a free open source morse code trainer for Macintosh OSX...
open source morse code trainer for Macintosh OSX
free rating
John Roland Penner
pChess is a free chess app for Mac with nice graphics and a built...
pChess is a free chess app for Mac
Chess Opening Trainer
rating Chess Technologies
Learn and remember chess opening theory better and faster...
other chess training software, Chess Opening Trainer...solving. Chess Opening Trainer
Chess Vision Trainer
rating Chess Technologies
Chess Vision Trainer is a chess training system designed to develop and improve your visualization...
Chess Vision Trainer is a chess training...calculation skills in Chess. Visualization
Chess Flashcard Trainer
rating ChessReviews.com
This program uses a flashcard model for learning chess. Using it will improve your tactical ability...
flashcard model for learning chess. Using...proven approach to chess training
Byzantine Circular Chess
rating DriveMind
Byzantine Circular Chess is a computer chess game. The program actively develops human intellect with a new approach...
advanced chess tactics trainer. Packed with features this Circular Chess
Hexagonal Chess
rating DriveMind
Hexagonal chess is a chess game variant played on a hexagonal board. Of all popular chess variants this is probably...
to traditional chess game. Play hexagonal chess, checkers...it your advanced chess trainer