Check File Details

File Viewer
Sharpened Productions
File Viewer is more than its name implies. Besides allowing you to open and view the contents of various types of files...
...utility for revealing file details. However, it ...with identical details. Plus, File Viewer doesn't...
Find Any File
Thomas Tempelmann
Find Any File comes as an alternative to using Mac's Spotlight tool for searching files...
...Spotlight tool for searching files on your computer ...filters than most file finders, works fast...
File Info Professional
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
File Info Professional is a Mac application designed to provide you with detailed information regarding the documents...
...to accessing file details with Finder' ...reveal the file's details. File Info Professional...
File Spy
Chatsworth and Whitton Ltd.
File Spy is a handy application that works as a file viewer and file info inspector...
...in need of detailed information about specific files. However, you...
Max Pozdeev
Invisor is a program that comes as an alternative to using Finder's "Get Info" option...
...files, and enables you to compare the details ...of two different files. All you...
File Identifier
Christopher Atlan
File Identifier is a Mac utility designed for Mac users who have trouble opening documents...
...they lack file extensions. With File Identifier ...'s worth installing File Identifier specifically for...
iHex is a utility designed for Mac users who wish to have access to detailed information regarding...
...access to detailed information regarding ...checksum, and check the detailed file information. Another...
File-Info is a program designed for Mac provides you with a list of characteristics for any document you select...
...alternative to accessing file details with Finder' ...access to recently checked file information, and...
File Helper
PCVARK Software Pvt Ltd
File Helper is a program that gives you access to details regarding files and folders on your...
...immediately check their detailed information. All in all, I think File Helper...
File Details
Tunabelly Software
File Details is the one app you need for modifying files - whether it's changing...
...hex editor. Check out the ...File Details" service shortcut. Supports viewing details of multiple files...
File Viewer and Investigator
Dybala Securities
This program was created for Mac users who wish to learn detailed information about the files...
...with the accurate file details you need, and ...you with details about your files. It's effective...
DoYourData File Manager
DoYourData File Manager is designed to scan folders, hard drives, or storage devices in order to retrieve the contained...
...lists all the files ordered by file size. Furthermore ...useless large files or unwanted files to free...
File Info Pro
Mihaela Popescu
This application helps you view and investigate any type of file. File Info Pro gives you...
...of file. File Info ...file: file owner, group, creation date, last modification date, file size...
File Pair Check
Nick Jones
File Pair Check checks if two files are identical. It does not check bundles...
File Pair Check checks if two files are identical. It does not check ...versions of...
File Info Helper
Karel Petrovic
File Info Helper is an application that lets you view various file details, like hashes, MIME type...
...lets you view various file details, like hashes, MIME type ...program will reveal the file's details.

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