Change Battery Icon

Battery Diag
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Battery Diag helps you easily access battery information...
...access battery information. Overview your battery information ...details of your battery from your...
Battery Time Remaining
Han Lin Yap
Battery Time Remaining shows the estimated battery time remaining on top of your screen...
...shows the estimated battery time remaining on ...when you click the battery icon. The time is provided...
Battery Guru
Battery Guru is a menubar application that tracks laptop battery health. Its menu icon displays the number...
...laptop battery health. Its menu icon display ...additional statistics about battery health displayed...
Set Icon
Set Icon is a small Mac application that enables you to change your drive's icon with little effort...
...immediately applies the new icon changes, and i ...another image for drive's icon. Even though this...
Magic Battery
Sascha Simon
Magic Battery is an application that shows in the menu bar the battery level of all input...
...the device icon. In the icon-only view, the battery levels...
Battery Time Indicator
Alexander Seroshtan
Battery Time Indicator combines the battery icon and the remaining time indicator, hence saving some space...
...combines the battery icon and the remaining time ...remaining time until the battery needs to be...
Battery Stats for AirPods
Battery Stats for AirPods displays the battery charge percentage for the left...
...displays the battery charge percentage ...provides alerts when battery charge drops below ...menubar icon.
Battery Charging Alert
Jiulong Zhao
Battery Charging Alert sends alerts for when your computer is plugged...
...and when your battery percentage reaches a ...save your battery life. A colorful battery icon and text...
Battery Indicator
Sindre Sorhus
Battery Indicator shows the remaining battery time and percentage in the menu bar...
...where clicking the battery icon no longer show ...the system battery icon by dragging the icon out of...
Simple Battery Monitor
Zafer Arican
Simple Battery Monitor shows the remaining time, the charge percentage...
...charge percentage, and the battery status in a compact menu ...with an orange arrow icon when some apps...
Change Folder Icon
Aravindhan Parasuram
Change Folder Icon is a small app that allows you to change your folder icons...
...to change your folder icons. Main features: ...sets of beautiful folder icons. - You can create...
Simple Icon Change
Everyday Tools
Icon Change is a free-to-use tool that allows you to customize you Mac OS X folder icon with JPG/PNG...
...Mac OS X folder icon with JPG/PNG file ...can choose from a large icon collection. - User friendly...
Icon Builder
Do you create apps for iPad, iPhone or Mac? Are you tired of having to make so many different images every time you make...
...and every icon change. Why not let Icon Builder do ...all the boring stuff? Icon Builder will create all...
Apple Club
XRevert (formerly YosemiteRevert), as the name suggests, changes the icons in OS X Yosemite (10.10)...
...icons such as the battery icon, Finder icons such as external drive icons...
Gian Enrico Conti
This small App is used to change the iPod battery indicator. By default iPod display...
...iPod display a battery with some small tag ...a better understanding of battery status. The digital...

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