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Credit Card Terminal
Inner Fence, LLC
Credit Card Terminal Turn your iPhone into a mobile virtual terminal for charging customers' credit cards...
...declined cards on-site as services are ...Authorize.Net, visit our web site. Features:Simple, fast...
Base Velocity, LLC
RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that allows you to view NEXRAD...
...the 155 different radar sites using buttons on ...NOAA's public access Web site or use your Allison...
CCMenu displays the project status of CruiseControl continuous integration servers as an item in the OS X menu bar.
...servers Identify the overall build status with a ...menu Access the build Web sites of the projects...
John Holdsworth
DBExplorer is a simple web based interface to Sybase and SQLServer...
...be browsed as a web site and is parsed to ...running a small local web server inside the application...
XML Nanny
Celestial Teapot Software
XML Nanny is a developer tool that provides an Aqua interface for checking XHTML and XML...
...developing a standards-based Web site or application on ...your local Web server or behind...
NoteTaker Trial
AquaMinds Software Corporation
NoteTaker™ for OS X, first introduced in 2002, is a third generation information processor...
...visit the AquaMinds web site at www.aquamind ...activation • Integrated live web browsing and search •...
Network Logger IT
Lyle Andrews
Network Logger IT allows you to log your network outages, graph speeds over time, and more...
...can monitor your web sites and produce ...: - Email Notifications of Web Site Outages & Restoration ...
Bumblebee systems
WasteNoTime is a browser extension which is designed to help you manage the time you spent on the Internet...
...automatic block selected web sites as soon a ...for a particular web site or web page. Time Range...
Java Menu Applets
Apycom Java Menu Applets is a collection of highly configurable java applets that allows you...
...their way around your site. Every applet in this...
Speed Reading
Holy Mackerel Software
Speed Reading is a utility to help you read and comprehend text quickly. Type or paste any text you want to the main text...
...automatic removal of web site addresses (they are ...navigate to other web sites, highlight and speak...
MacTips - Daily Mac Tips, Tricks and Hacks
The MacTips widget pulls the latest tips, tricks and hacks from MacTips.org...
...hacks from MacTips.org, a site focused on making your...
scummvm.sourceforge.neScummAqua helps you play classic LucasArts games using the ScummVM interpreter (download seperately...
...be downloaded from the web site.
Martin Louis Software
BouncePad is a Quake 3 Arena launcher. You can create a map list and bot roster then launch Quake3 with a set of custom...
...are available from the web site. What's new in this...
DNews Server
Fully featured Usenet News Server. The DNEWS News Server is advanced...
...one reads. Check our web site for a full list of...
Virtual Horse Racing Game
Create your own horse and race it online. This interactive demo gives you a preview of the online...
...a preview of the online Web site that allows you to...
Desktop PongTracker
Desktop PongTracker allows you to record all your beer pong games without being connected to the Internet...
...become available through the Web site.
Fantasy Masters Online
Fantasy Masters is an online generated card game which introduces you...
...cards on the official Web site of the game. What...
Chessgate Client
Chessgate AG
With this Software you can play online chess games for free on the popular chessgate...
...publish games on your Web site. Other features: You can...
Alsoft PlusMaker
Alsoft Inc.
PlusMaker converts disks in place, without the need to go through the tedious...
...online at Alsoft's web site. It is also ...users online at Alsoft's web site. What's new in this...
Andreas Mayer
SkookumMorse is a CW keyboard application that leverages the K1EL WinKeyer USB to send morse code. You may find it useful...
...directly from the FTDI web site.

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