Batch Translate

Translate Tab
Alex Izvekov
Translate Tab - An easy to use translation tool for quick translation...
...some basic translation. Using Google Translate© as translation engine, Translate Tab keeps...
iGoogle Translate
iGoogle Translate is a Mac OS X Web service that allows you to run Google...
...you to run Google Translate as an application ...It supports all Google Translate features and has some...
Lucidus Apps
Now 20% off! Translate helps you decipher the indecipherable. Translate text between 55 languages...
...You can even translate into multiple language ...instead with Translate. Note: Translate requires an...
Quick Translate
Banana Developers
An application for quick text translation using Google Translate or Bing Translator. You can use this app...
...quick text translation using Google Translate or Bing Translator. You can...
Mate Translate
Twopeople Software
Mate Translate can help you increase your productivity if you need to perform frequent...
...supports translating 103 languages. To translate a ...to automatically translate the contents...
Translate App
It's About Time Products, LLC
Translate App offers an easy solution to translate text in many languages...
...an easy solution to translate text in many language ...want to view your translation outside the menu...
Just Translate
jalada GmbH
Just Translate is your editor to instantly read and write foreign language text. It features 80 languages, a spell checker...
...+ Save and view previous translations + Automatic language recognition + Spell...
Swipe Translate
Mark Vasiv
This program was created for Mac users who are looking for a simple and quick way to translate words and phrases...
...you with accurate translations, and supports a ...pronunciation for the translated content. Hence...
Miya Translate
MacPlus Software
Miya Translate is a fast and convenient multiple-window translator. If you often employ Google Translate...
...Miya Translate's option to make translations in ...your work activate a translator’s window, create...
Myna for Google Translate
Mad Birdies
Myna for Google Translate is a Mac desktop application that provides real-time translations from more than 100...
...that represent the translation area. The user ...Overall, Myna for Google Translate is a simple Mac...
Webapp Translate
Fabrice Leyne
Webapp Translate is a highly crafted web wrapper app for Google Translate...
...contextual menu to translate the selected text ...The application can translate into 70 languages and...
Translate Safari Extension
Side Tree Software
Automatically translate entire webpages into your prefered language as you browse...
...browse, or just translate snippets when there' ...'t understand. Start translation via the configurable...
Translate Pro + Widget
Skylab Software
Translate Pro + Widget is an application that lets you translate any word...
...that lets you translate any word, phrase ...numerous functions, including translation history and speech...
Batch File Translater
Romanysoft LAB
Batch File Translater is an application that allows you to translate multiple files to the selected...
...you want to batch-import and batch-translate one or multiple...
iTranslator for Google Translate
Aviv Miron
iTranslator for Google Translate allows you to access Google Translate easily. All you need to do is click on the icon...
...you to access Google Translate easily. All you need...

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