AppleScript Support

AppleScript Editor
Apple Inc.
AppleScript is a powerful and versatile scripting language built into OS X. You can use AppleScript...
...X. You can use AppleScript to create shortcuts, automate ...creating and editing AppleScript scripts.
Stefan Klieme
ScreenSharingMenulet searches for hosts (local, Back to My Mac or custom) which are available...
...Features Retina display and AppleScript support.
JSON Helper for AppleScript
David Blishen
JSON Helper is a scriptable background application which allows you to do useful things...
...JSON directly from AppleScript. JSON Helper i ...services directly into AppleScript records and lists...
Location Helper for AppleScript
David Blishen
Location Helper brings the power of Core Location to AppleScript. You can find your current location...
...Core Location to AppleScript. You can ...JSON into AppleScript records, and convert AppleScript list...
Movie Thumbnails
Movie Thumbnails is a utility that can create a thorough storyboard from your video files. It includes information like file...
Movie Thumbnails is a utility that can create a thorough storyboard from your video files. It...
Send Faxes on Mac via FRITZ!Box With Faxer you can comfortable send faxes on your Mac via your FRITZ!Box 7390...
...Faxer. Faxer offers AppleScript support too. You can ...fax number using AppleScript. System-wide Fax...
TerraTec Video Rescue
TERRATEC Electronic GmbH
TerraTec Video Rescue For Mac OS X allows you to use a variety of video digitizers...
...lapse photography, automatic naming, AppleScript support and so on.
Utility Lock
Utility Lock (formerly known as SleepLock) is a custom built Screen Locking mechanism, it was designed...
.../Intervals and with the AppleScript support you can combine it...
FanRadio is an unofficial Douban Radio client on Mac, without Flash. - Stays quietly in menubar...
...Global hotkey - Growl integration - AppleScript support - Login is optional, but...
VideoGlide software provides support for USB 2.0 video digitizing devices, including the Pinnacle...
...it can support multiple capture ...based recording, AppleScript support, and support for external...
Scorpion BarCode
Scorpion Research Ltd
Scorpion BarCode helps with easy creation and printing of all major barcode symbologies in EPS...
...simplicity of use plus AppleScript support, it also provides templates...
Universal Ticker
Andreas Mayer
Resize your ticker window to any height you want. Universal Ticker will scale text automatically...
...window. - Customizable appearance. - AppleScript support. - Many different sources: - iTunes...
WeatherCat AppleScript Tags Processor
Edouard Lagache
WC AppleScript Tags Processor is an AppleScript that processes pseudo web...
...by WeatherCat. This AppleScript allows you to ...from many other AppleScripts from this collection...
Lucanasoft di Vincenzo Azzone
MegaCellX is a powerful tool to manage calls, contacts and SMS messages of your mobile phone. It's easy...
...can use AppleScript events to ...trigger AppleScripts for different SMS events - AppleScript support...
Mac Uptime
Heiko Kretschmer
As know from various unixes, this little program displays the uptime (the time its running without...
...in this version: Added AppleScript support and load average display...
AppleScript Extras
This is the AppleScript CD ROM Extras included with the Mac OS 8.6 CD. It contains a script menu...
This is the AppleScript CD ROM Extra ...example scripts in the AppleScript CD ROM Extras folder...
Shop Convert
AM Design
This program was designed for machine shops to convert Fadal programs to other milling...
...of each line. It supports Mac OS 8/9 and ...file on the application, AppleScript support (Mac OS only)...
Sync Sync Sync
SYW Mac Software
Sync!Sync!Sync!... Do you have backup copy of your data? If your hard disk drive breaks...
...very quickly. 7. AppleScript Support Sync!Sync!Sync! ...runs designated AppleScript before/after backup...

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