App Tweaker

App Factory
free rating
Immersive Applications
App Factory is a utility designed for Mac users who wish to easily turn scripts into full programs...
...will immediately generate the app you need. The ...application. Also, the app preserved the quality of...
App Tamer
St. Clair Software
Working with multiple programs at the same time could slow down the performance...
...of problem comes from App Tamer, a utility that ...utility. In conclusion, App Tamer proves to be...
App.Cat is an app that automatically creates glamorous marketing apps for brands, celebrities, and businesses with one goal...
...creates glamorous marketing apps for brand ...and revenue. App.Cat apps are shared directly...
Wireless Transfer App
free rating
Socusoft Co LTD
Wireless Transfer App lets you easily and quickly download photos...
...of Wireless Transfer App be installed and ...Features of Wireless Transfer App * Download photos &...
App Studio Factory
Quark Software Inc
Quark App Studio Factory is a Mac OS software application provided with QuarkXPress 9...
...of app creation. When you launch App Studio ...Factory, select the app template...
Mac App Blocker
Knewsense, LLC
Mac App Blocker is a utility that might come in handy if you share your computer with other users...
...installing and launching Mac App Blocker on your ...All in all, Mac App Blocker is a great solution...
App for Dropbox
Stahl Technologies
This program comes as an alternative to using the default methods (with the help of your default browser, of the official...
...of the default Finder app) to access your ...the utility in question. App for Dropbox's page was...
Disk App
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Disk App is an app that cleans up space in your hard drive. It creates gigabytes...
...a few clicks. Disk App optimizes the following folder ...: Cache, app logs, old iOS...
App Bar
free rating
Raj Kumar Shaw
App Bar is a really simple application launcher for your Mac. It is a free tool that lets you quickly...
...first launched the app, all my apps were ready. You ...you can't control App Bar with your keyboard...
App School for Xcode and iOS 10 Development Free
free rating
App School for Xcode and iOS 10 Development Free teaches you how to build iOS 10 apps using Xcode 8 and Swift 3...
...a course. This app includes video tutorials showing ...different kinds of apps and use different...
Make My App - Interface Planner
free rating
Any Case Solutions
Make My App: Interface Planner is a perfect way to visualize your ideas for your own applications. The tool allows you...
...graphical layout of an app so you can ...with different tools for app development, including scheme...
App Store Expenses
free rating
Clemens Schulz
App Store Expenses gathers all iPhone applications from your iTunes folder on your computer, reads out the price...
...price column. Important: App Store Expenses isn't able ...information from your apps anymore due to...
App Magic
Vlad Alexa
App Magic records your application usage data and makes it accessible for you...
App Magic record ...launched or quit. App Magic lets you filter ...this data either per app basis or time...
App Tab
free rating
Funny Five Minutes
App Tab is an application that allows you to access, search and monitor Mac App Store and iOS App Store...
...monitor Mac App Store and iOS App Store. It ...stores without launching Mac App Store application or...
App Pier
Zafer Arican
App Pier is a keyboard-friendly application launcher and switcher with Touch Bar support...
...can keep your favorite apps in App Pier and reorder ...your running and pinned apps from any display in...
App Icon & Splash Kit
free rating
App Icon & Splash Kit is used for batch-creating app icons...
...used for batch-creating app icons, launch image ...image assets, and app screenshots. There are lots...
App Wrapper
Ohanaware Co., Ltd.
App Wrapper helps you save time, effort, and money when preparing for deployment: one click to codesign...
...and package apps. Let App Wrapper take the ...placing the app into a App Sandbox and packaging...
App Review Detective
Sascha Simon
App Review Detective helps you to track the reviews for any macOS or iOS application, so you can react as fast as possible...
...working on an app update. Reviews are ...users of your app have problem ...review for your app and it is...
App Store Quickview
Marc Moini
Use App...Store Quickview for apps in the Mac App Store, and for apps...
Use App...Store Quickview for apps in the Mac App Store ...and for apps...
metaquark GmbH
Sometimes it can be difficult to keep applications up to date as not all...
...downloading and installing the app updates you require ...install updates for the apps within your Mac...


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