Adjacent Pieces

unity.Pieces Interactive
Statistically-AdaptatiDUY MagicEQ is a Statistically-Adaptati Automatic Equalizer. MagicEQ automatically...
...equalize two different musical pieces of audio in different...
Stormcloud Creations
From the developer: "An innovative cyber-gangster strategy game where you become the leader of an underground...
...replayable experience, over 300 pieces of detailed artwork for...
CHV CloneAndPaint-collection
The Clone And Paint-collection contains 13 new plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final...
...: Tear your clips on pieces in a new way Curvewipe...
Ah, Damn
U Don't Know Tech
A 10x10 board awaits your strategic skills to harness the power of the block. Create lines both horizontally...
...: Get points for placing pieces
Candy Bags
Novel Games
Which one do you like, a lollipop, an orange-flavored gum, or a fancy chocolate...
...the process until all pieces of a kind are gained...
Daisy Petals
Novel Games
A fortune teller in real life may not be professional enough if daisy petals are used to predict...
...then click the piece again to remove it ...petals. The selected pieces will be highlighted in...
VideoProc for Mac
Digiarty Software, Inc.
VideoProc is an all-in-one 4K video processing software to quickly transcode video with GPU acceleration tech...
...split a video into smaller pieces, merge different clips into...