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Corel Painter X
Corel Corporation
SmileOnMyMac, LLC
Photoprinto is a smart and easy-to-use program that helps you create a photo album that you can later...
...Photoprinto allows you to add effects to the photo ...each picture that you add. The program gives you...
Batch Editor
GameTogether Softwareontwikkeling
Resize, Change canvas size, Rotate, Reflect, Round corners, Add border, Color background...
...Reflect, Round corners, Add border, Color background ...Mask, Overlay, Add shadow... Batch Editor...
Human Cell 3D
usamau04 melambe
Human Cell is a study about anatomy of human cell. Are being shown, each and every one of its parts...
...activities, types, textures, 3D views and ...see specific parts, textures, colors, dimension...
GAF Converter
GAF Media
GAF Converter allows animating in Flash CS and playing gaf animations back in Unity...
...bakes them into the texture atlas.
MultiScreen Editor
Production Resource Group, LLC.
MultiScreen Editor is a free application that allows you to edit Pixel Remapping Configurations...
...can edit these settings: texture position scale, object position...
Kovacic's Mod Pack
Kovacic's Mod Pack is a fast option to install mods on your Minecraft game. It has over 30 mods...
...30 mods, maps, and texture packs to choose from...
Element 3D
Video Copilot and Final Image Inc.
Element 3D is a high performance After Effects™ Plug-in for creating Motion Design & Visual FX. Main features...
...Import 3D objects and textures. - OBJ & C4D ...Animation OBJ Sequences. - Textures: PNG, JPG, HDR...
R-Mac Apps
Framr is an application that gives you over 100 unique frame options...
...size, color, text, and texture. You can choose from...
Pokemon Journey
Pokemon Journey is a third person adventure game for Mac. Players will be able to see all...
...where you can customize a texture to have custom shirts...
Pixologic ZBrush
Pixologic presents ZBrush: an award-winning, innovative painting product...
...to change the lighting? texture? materials? and Z-depth all...
Backdrop Designer for Photoshop
Digital Anarchy
Backdrop Designer is an entirely new way of creating professional quality...
...over 900 premade textures that simulate muslin ...in studios. Choose a texture, then cast a shadow...
Abneil Software
Four plugins for Adobe (r) Illustrator (r) CS2 CS1 10 (12 11 10) (+ type plugins for 10)...
...plugins for 10) background / texture generation based on paths...
Conoa SuperPak
Conoa 3D Layer has been added to Conoa SuperPak. Conoa 3D Layer allows you to create...
...for distortion and animation. Texture the layer on any...
Golf? demo
Chronic Logic
This beta demo for surreal first-person golf game Golf? includes nine holes...
...mesh around a height-field texture mapped to look like...
Piper Aircraft Collection
I am extremely honored to announce & release the v840 Piper Collection. :: Each and every (10) aircraft incorporate certified...
...new instrumentation, new native texture format, new internal & external...
Craig St. Jean
When you get a new map, texture, etc from UT 2004, it saves it to its cache. Sometimes though it is nice to be able to play...
...you get a new map, texture, etc from UT 2004...
3D Christmas Village
Sputnik Games
High atop a mountain, where the air is crisp and clean, sits a tiny village that few have ever seen...
...snow and fog, and texture quality selection.
Jan Horn
MazeBuilder is a simple application that used to generates random mazes of various sizes...
...dimension, topology, tessellation, routing, texture, and focus. The maze...
Expert Clipart
Stills is an ultimate set of 1733 illustrations appropriate for any Pages or Keynote document that requires color...
...document that requires color, texture and authenticity. It contains...

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