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9GagTab is a menu-based browser for 9Gag.com, home of the meme.

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9GagTab is a menu-based browser for 9Gag.com, home of the meme. This application lives on the right side of the menu bar; clicking it reveals a scrollable window with the latest and greatest in 9Gaggery. Once signed in via the app, voting, commenting, sharing, are all supported within this window, which can be closed with a simple external click.

The window is set up like the 9gag homepage, with three tabs: What's Hot, Trending, and Vote, each with different types of content. In each of these tabs, the content is almost identical to the 9gag site, except that keyboard shortcuts and individual image viewing are not available. The lack of keyboard shortcuts is fine for the casual user, but sometimes images that contain text need to be enlarged to be legible. This means that if it's not legible in 9GagTab, you'll need to open a browser yourself and search for it on the website. However, most images take a vertical format, making them easily read from 9GagTab.

Sam's Protip: Be aware that even in safe mode (which can be toggled in 9GagTab), offensive material may still appear. Use at your discretion.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Nearly mirrors the 9Gag homepage in content and features
  • Always fetches the latest items from the site


  • Cannot enlarge images
  • No search feature
  • Constant ad for iPhone app
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