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This unique workflow package allows the user to choose to edit in 1080p.
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A complete FCS workflow package to get footage from a Canon5DmkII/7D/1D into Final Cut Pro at 25fps. Custom droplets, correctly configured sequence settings and flow chart included to make getting the HD H264 files into FCP easier & quicker.
This unique workflow package allows the user to choose to edit in 1080p, 1080i or straight to standard definition 16x9 25fps. Custom droplets give one click access to compressor that will convert the H264 files into ProRes for editing. The user also has a choice whether to make the clip realtime (i.e. 30fps to 25fps) or timestretch so that one frame in 30fps is one frame in 25fps. This will result in a slowdown of 20% for pin-sharp results.
Compressor droplets are supplied to get the final 1080p/i self contained movie into standard definition 16x9 too.
An easy to follow workflow diagram helps plot the conversions needed to get the best quality from a Canon camera's HD output.
This is our first workflow package and would welcome any feedback, suggestions or errors. As you can appreciate, the world of DSLR's changes day to day and we will try to keep updating. We are looking to modify this for the American market too, anybody with some time and a good knowledge of formats who is willing to do some testing, please get in touch. Email contact can be found on the LHS of this page.

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