4Media iPad Video Converter

4Media iPad Video Converter 7.8

It is an application that converts videos for playback on the iPad.

4Media iPad Video Converter lets you convert your videos so that you can play them on your iPad. The tablet is a great device to play video on, but it can only open a few select formats, including MPEG-4, H.264 and MOV. This video converter lets you open the most popular video formats and convert them to those supported by iPad and other Apple devices.
Although this converter doesn't have any extraordinary features, it works quite well. There hasn't been one converter by 4Media that has crashed on me or failed to convert a file. The format support is limited to the device the application was released for, and that usually makes this converter a bit too expensive for what it offers.

In my testing of this converter, I opened an MKV file and a DivX file. I then converted them to H.264 using the H.264 HD conversion profile for iPad 2. The process was fast and the resulting files looked good, especially the 720p MKV file (converted to H.264).

If there is anything bad to be said about this converter is that it doesn't have any video editing features. There is no trimmer, cropper or anything that lets you adjust your videos' brightness, contrast or saturation.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • Fast
  • Nice interface


  • No video editing features
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