4Media DVD to Apple TV Converter 7.4

Convert DVD materials to Apple TV on your Mac.
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4Media Software Studio

Extract data from DVDs and create materials compatible with Apple TV. Check out the options for processing the source data and creating regular MP4 and iPod MP4 for Video iPod, iPod 30GB and 80GB, and iPod touch. Additionally, transform DVD media to audio.

4Media DVD to Apple TV Converter is a shareware DVD ripper. It can be used to convert your DVD movies into video or audio files that can be played on your AppleTV. As you may know, Apple devices aren't particularly friendly when it comes to video format support. This ripper can convert your movies to the MPEG-4, H.264, and MOV formats, which play quite nicely on the AppleTV. It also supports audio formats like AAC, AIFF, M4A, MP3 and WAV. This ripper only comes with three conversion profiles for your AppleTV. Two of them use H.264 and the remaining one, MPEG-4.

The graphical user interface is quite nice. I like it a lot because it is simple and responsive. There isn't much to say about the interface. The usual features are all there. You have a video player, a CPU usage meter, and the conversion options are at the bottom. You choose the format via a drop-down menu and can customize them from a pane on the right.

In terms of performance, 4Media DVD to Apple TV Converter doesn't disappoint. Of course, the speed at which you can rip a DVD movie largely depends on the speed of your DVD drive, still, there are DVD rippers out there that slow down the process due to inefficient conversion engines. That is not the case with this one. The process was very quick, and most importantly, the resulting files look good and don't exhibit any problems.

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  • Good interface
  • It works well and it is fast


  • Limited number of conversion profiles



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