4Easysoft Mac AVI to 3GP Converter

4Easysoft Mac AVI to 3GP Converter 3.2

4Easysoft Mac AVI to 3GP Converter is a commercial video converter.

4Easysoft Mac AVI to 3GP Converter is a commercial video converter designed to let you convert your AVI files to 3GP ones. 3GP format is used on some mobile phones and mobile multimedia playback devices. The app can also convert files to other formats: 3G2, MP4, MOV, AVI and MPG. If you are converting a file to be played on newer BlackBerry phones or a smartphone, don't use the 3GP format, try H.264 (MP4). It can give you a better compression rate and quality.

Graphically, the converter looks like most other commercial converters out there. It has an OK-looking interface and the two main colors used are grey and blue. At the middle of the screen, you will see some help and a video player that you can use to preview your videos. At the top, there is a toolbar with four buttons, and at the bottom, you will see the conversion settings. There you will find the profiles, sorted into categories, and the destination folder for your files.

In my testing, I converted an AVI file to 3GP and I used to trimmer to shorten the video to a 1-minute clip. Everything worked fine and the resulting file looked as good as I expected it to look. There were no problems with audio or video.

José Fernández
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