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Let 4D budget easily predict your cash level.
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Let 4D budget easily predict your cash level.
We believe that keeping the household budget should be above all quick and easy. Otherwise, you will stop use such a program after a few days. On the other hand, little is needed to lead such a budget. If you know for what you spent money, you'll also know how to save them. That's all. Without putting money into the virtual envelopes. It's good for our grandmothers.
So we focused on the simplicity and convenience, here are points that you should pursue:
1. Enter your income, including those anticipated.
2. Keep up to date your expenses (enter or import from bank) and assign them to categories.
3. After a month or two, watch the charts.
4D Budget at a glance
- Predicting Cash Flow based on the past months.
- Easily record and categorize your day to day incomes and expenditures
- Your data is stored in professional database capable to handle millions entries
- Instantly see where your money is going graphically
- Amazing Reporting Tool
- Versatile banking data import tool - most important feature of financial program
- Quickly add new categories and sub categories
- Easily drag and drop graphs to other apps
- Customize categories on the fly!
- Protect your privacy and define password
- Rapidly export data to Numbers, Excel or other programs. Your data is not in jail.
- Free eMail Support - support@apps-dag.com. We'll answer for every email.

4D Budget is equipped with probably the best and most universal importing tool for bank export files. Once configured can import data from any text file from ANY BANK in ANY COUNTRY with a few clicks. It includes CSV, tab separated etc.
If you have any problems with the import or other issues, we will provide you with free support.

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