3herosoft MPEG to DVD Burner 4.0

3herosoft MPEG to DVD Burner helps you create DVDs out of your video files.
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3herosoft MPEG to DVD Burner helps you create DVDs out of your video files. The application supports the most popular media file formats, which you can burn to DVD discs or convert to DVD folders and ISO images.

The program comes with a simple interface that you will find easy to use, yet not impressive. Once the source files are imported, you receive additional information about each file, such as the resolution and length of each loaded item. Then, you need to select the type of disc you want to burn. Depending on the size of the DVD, you will be informed about the storage space left for a complete burning session. This way, you will know at a mere glance whether there is room for adding new files or you can end the loading process.

In terms of DVD menus, the tool is rather poor. It is true that it comes with twelve different templates, but if you look more carefully, you will notice that they are actually the same template – four boxes and two navigation arrows – with different backgrounds. However, the developers allow you to change the image background with one from your picture collection, as well as append the audio track of your choice. This way, you can enlarge the existing DVD menu library with brand new and original themes built on the same template style.

With a straightforward approach and an intuitive interface, 3herosoft MPEG to DVD Burner offers a simple solution to make your own DVDs, using personal video recordings or favorite media files as source.

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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Video preview
  • Can burn to DVD
  • Saves projects as DVD folders and ISO files
  • Can replace the background of DVD menu
  • Can import a favorite soundtrack


  • No advanced editing features (trimming is the only editing option provided)
  • Provides a single template style for the DVD menu



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