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3D Respiratory System is a nice anatomy reference tool.
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3D Respiratory System is a nice anatomy reference tool. It is a very complete source of information about the human respiratory system. Of course, the star of the application is a three-dimensional representation of the respiratory system, but the app is more than that.

The 3D respiratory system image allows you to rotate and zoom it in and out. You can choose to see the entire respiratory system in one image or each part separately. The available parts are the pharynx, trachea and bronchus, lungs and diaphragm.

There is also an encyclopedia of the respiratory system. This part of the application includes information on the lungs, anatomy, pulmonary circulation, nasal cavity, bronchi, respiratory tract, respiratory system and physiology of the system. The information is displayed in a separate window for each item I have mentioned above. And when the text is larger than the screen, you can drag and drop to move the text. You can also zoom in and out.

3D Respiratory System is a nice app. It is only $0.99 and it includes lots of information and nice imagery. One thing I didn't like was too many spelling errors.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of information
  • Nice imagery


  • Some spelling mistakes
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