3Delight 9.0

It is a RenderMan-compliant renderer designed to produce photo-realistic images.
9.0 (See all)

3Delight is a fast, high quality, RenderMan®-compliant renderer designed to produce photo-realistic images in demanding production environments. The renderer was introduced in 2000 and is now widely used in the industry. Because of its high versatility and speed, 3Delight has earned a reputation as a benchmark in rendering technology.

Some of its features include ray tracing, global illumination (including photon mapping, final gathering and high dynamic range lighting and rendering), realistic motion blur, depth of field, complete geometry support (including highly efficient rendering of hair and fur), programmable shaders (RSL 2.0), quality antialiasing and antialiased shadow maps. Advanced features include Ri filtering, network caching and highly customizable workflow.

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