24U Hex OSAX for Mac OS Classic

24U Hex OSAX for Mac OS Classic 1.1

Write scripts for yourself or for Web applications.
1.1 (See all)

24U Hex OSAX is a scripting addition that allows you to encode text and integer numbers into a hexadecimal notation and back. The hexadecimal notation contains only alphanumeric characters, and so you can utilize it well for transfering data between platforms and over the Internet. Software engineers and programers will also benefit from the ability to write simple scripts for generation of hexadecimal data. New in version 1. 1: Hexadecimal numbers can now be aligned (i. e. '0001'); Hexadecimal values can be prefixed (i. e. '0x00FF' or '%0D%0A'); Prefixed hexadecimal (i. e. '0x00FF' or '%0D%0A') values can be decoded.

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