24U FM Bench Detective 1.2

Benchmarking tool for FileMaker developers.
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24U FM Bench Detective is an open solution designed to help FileMaker developers easily add precise benchmarking to their solution. With the help of this tool developers can measure performance of their scripts, calculations, and other parts of their solutions, and optimize them for better performance. FM Bench Detective is a free part of FM Bench, the new product developed by 24U to address the need for optimizing performance of not only FileMaker solutions but also companies using them. 24U FM Bench was first previewed by 24U at FileMaker Developer Conference 2011 and introduced a new way of thinking about optimizing FileMaker solutions. The aim of 24U FM Bench Detective 1.0.2 is to make every FileMaker Developer able to precisely benchmark their solutions and get them ready to get the most value out of the on-coming release of 24U FM Bench.



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