24U Email OSAX 5.0

Extend AppleScript to send emails directly from your scripts.
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24U Email OSAX is a scripting addition that extends AppleScript by a few easy-to-use commands to send emails directly from your scripts, without the need of any additional application. 24U Email OSAX allows you to attach one or more files to your e-mail. The attachments can be encoded in a way that suits your receiver’s e-mail app. You can choose from AppleSingle, AppleDouble, Base64, and BinHex encoding.

24U Email OSAX allows your script to send e-mails in the background while it’s working on something else. The OSAX can automatically let your script know when the e-mail is sent. With 24U Email OSAX your scripts can send formatted e-mails as HTML or multi-part messages. The message is properly constructed and encoded using the current standards.

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