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1Password is your password and identity companion.
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Artjom Dfe

Artjom Dfe Best password manager here

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Keath_Wyszynski I think this app is largely meaningless. That said, it still has some meaning of course, as it helps you manage your passwords more conveniently, but as soon as I saw the 'master password' part, I dropped the idea of advising 1Password to my Mac freak buddy.
Yeah, just put all your passwords, the most sensitive information on your computer, in one place and encode them with some 'master password', so that, should the latter be cracked, the intruders could get it all at once. Ve-e-e-e-ery smart.

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Margie Mine is 3.8.19 and your website says the latest version is 3.9.5. My 1password says its up to date I am just checking to see if this is right! I love this program. If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it!

Margie DesPlaines

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incognito I used to forget the password, now I'm having no problem when using this software.

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Gustav Olafsson

Gustav Olafsson So far I have been using this program for more than half a year and am completely satisfied wit it. Before I got it onto my computer, I kept forgetting my passwords, since I've got a bad memory for numbers and the like. I had to carry heaps of little papers with me, where all my passwords were written down. Now I'm happy as an idiot, because these days are over.

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Ray Milbrandt Something I cant live without

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