123 NUMBER MAGIC Line Matching

123 NUMBER MAGIC Line Matching 1.0

A children's learning exercise for number recognition and addition.
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123 NUMBER MAGIC - Line Matching is a children's learning exercise for number recognition and addition. There are two available modes: beads-to-dice matching and numeral-to-beads matching. Users click and drag from the number on the left side to the matching number on the right side.

Just as in ABC MAGIC 3 from the same all-caps-loving developer, some functionality seems to have been lost in the transition from iOS to Mac OS, or else it was just poorly designed in the first place. While a dot appears at the origin click and another at the click release point, and these points turn green when an answer is found correct, there is no line that connects them. The game mode of matching cards to dice as depicted by the main menu does not exist; instead, it is beads to dice. But beyond these surface flaws the program doesn't even acknowledge correct answers if they utilize a picture on the left side that is above another that has already been matched.

Nothing but pain and suffering await the child subjected to this edutainment disaster. It's good for teaching them about the cruel world that awaits them, but not so good for teaching counting.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Accurate matches work, some of the time


  • No line displayed
  • Glitch permits false negatives
  • Interface is completely uninspiring
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