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123 Kids MA is an educational game for small children
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123 Kids MA is an educational game for small children. It was designed to help kids learn how to write numbers. To do that, the application lets the kid draw on the screen and it provides a layout of what a number looks like, so that the kid can draw into the layout. When the kid draws the number correctly, the number is spoken out loud and the exercise starts over. This happens a few times until a screen with a cute drawing of an animal is displayed on the screen.

There are three difficulty levels. In the easy mode, the kid has to draw one number at a time. In medium, the number has to be drawn four times to complete the level. In the hardest difficulty mode, a time meter is added. The kid has to complete drawing the numbers before the time expires to be able to pass the screen. From the options window, you can choose what number you want your kid to practice with. The available numbers are one through fifteen.

During the game, the kids can choose the color they want to use for drawing. The default color is black.

In short, 123 Kids MA is a nice way to help small children to learn what the numbers look like and their names. The repetition of the task makes it easy for kids to remember what they have learnt.

José Fernández
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  • Very helpful for kids to learn to write numbers
  • Pronunciations are included
  • Three difficulty modes


  • The interface doesn't look great
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