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Editorial review


José Fernández Senior editor

This review applies to version 4.7. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

World Clock Deluxe is a nice way of knowing the time. It was designed to let you keep track of what the time is across the World. To do that, the application allows you to add as many clocks as you want to your screen.
The clocks will remain on top of other applications, but you can easily hide them by right-clicking on any of them. You can either hide on or all at the same time. By default, the clocks only display the name of the city and the time in the H:MM AM/PM format, but the great thing about this app is that it lets you format the time in many ways. For example, I added a second clock with the time of where I am currently, and I also added the week day, date and time zone, plus I wanted the clock to tell me how many hours ahead the other clocks I am. From the settings menu, you can even tell the app to keep the clocks arranged by City, time zone and/or text.

All in all, this is a good tool to have. Granted, you can probably add a few clocks to your Dashboard and still know what the time is in other cities, but you still have to access the Dashboard. With World Clock Deluxe the information is always on your screen.


  • It works well.
  • Good customization and time options.


  • None.

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