Stereomerger is a 3D-photo viewer, editor and batch processor
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Stereomerger is a 3D-photo viewer, editor and batch processor.
With Stereomerger you can:
- View and convert Stereo JPEG- and MPO-files
- Transfer the images from your camera(s)
- Automatically find the matching stereo pairs you have taken
- Merge files together to create stereo-files
- Adjust the stereo window, colors, brightness, lens-distortion
- Add frames, text, effects
- Remove noise, sharpen the image, soften the image,
- Convert them to which ever format you like
- Create wonderful prints

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Dean Shepherd

Dean Shepherd Being the only editor that I can find for Mac OS that lets me crop, convert, edit in many ways all the photos I take on my FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D W3 digital camera I am bound to like this software.

It does have it's drawbacks however. The lack of a decent manual for one thing. It's a power hungry beast too. It eats RAM.

The interface is not only a clone of Windows, it's a clone of Windows from the 1980's. Seriously, it is. There is nothing even remotely Mac-like in the interface.

This program otherwise is utterly brilliant. I can edit all my 3D photos on my second screen, an LG Cinema 3D C2343 monitor by by changing the viewing output to Horizontal interlaced and I can edit my photos in 3D (wearing the glasses I brought home from the local cinema if necessary).

I'm absolutely certain that this program needs updating to 64bit if it hasn't been already. In any case my experience with this program is to get the highest spec Mac you possibly afford. My new iMac (4Ghz Quad core with 16GB RAM) is just about fast enough. My old Mid-2007 iMac (2.8Ghz, 4Gb Ram) took ages to draw each page and cropping was unusable.

I would really welcome an upgrade for this program in 2017.

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