Plane Control Lite

Plane Control Lite

Plane Control Lite is a game in which you play the air traffic controller

Plane Control Lite is a game in which you play the air traffic controller. In the game you have to direct airplane traffic and prevent planes from crashing into each other. In the "Classic" game mode, planes appear out of nowhere and you have to click on them and drag them to the target airport. A dotted line will show the plane's trajectory. You can change a plane's trajectory even after you have set it. At the beginning the game is really easy because you only have a few planes on the screen at the same time. But as time goes by, more and more planes appear. There are also different types of planes which travel at different speeds, which makes everything harder.

There are six maps and different game modes. I played the "Classic" mode. In this mode, the planes and the airports don't have fixed starting positions. In other words, an airport or (the target to which you have to direct a plane) can be any single spot on the Mac. I like it best when there are a couple of airports on the screen so I can use strategy instead of quick fingers.

In short, this is a very entertaining game that can be challenging, but incredibly addictive.

José Fernández
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  • Nice graphics
  • Challenging
  • 6 modes


  • I found that clicking airplanes that were next to other airplanes was a little hard to do
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