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Meteorologist is a Mac application designed to offer you detailed information regarding the weather for various locations from around the world. This utility lives on your Menu Bar from where you can access weather details for the current day, forecasts for the next couple of days, and multiple configurations.

An important feature is that you can monitor the weather conditions for multiple locations. Simply enter the city (for example, "Rome, Italy") in the Preferences panel of the application and the utility will immediately update the content in its main menu and offer you the weather details you need.

Furthermore, you can choose which type of information to be displayed on your Menu Bar. For instance, you can configure the app to show the current temperature and name of your location in the status bar. You also have access to an option to select the interval of time for automatically updating the weather info.

The only feature I'd add to this program would be an option to share the offered weather information with other people. You cannot copy the forecasts or other weather-related details to your clipboard, print reports, etc.

All in all, Meteorologist is an efficient and easy-to-use weather utility that provides you with accurate information and numerous helpful features at no cost. It's a great alternative to using your default web browser to find weather-related details.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you choose between multiple measurement units
  • Provides you with accurate info
  • Allows you to monitor weather conditions for multiple cities
  • You can choose which info to be displayed in your Menu Bar


  • Lacks an option to share the offered info
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