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Meteorologist is a Mac utility that helps you immediately find weather information directly from your Menu Bar. The program enables you to monitor weather forecasts for multiple cities from all over the world and gives you access to a wide range of weather-related details.

A great aspect is that you don't need much computer experience in order to use this tool on your Mac. For instance, to add a city to the program's list, simply go to the Preferences window of the tool, enter the name of the city in one of the empty boxes from the upper-left side of the screen, and close the panel. A meteorologist will immediately add the name of the city along with its correspondent weather info into its main menu.

Another advantage is that you can configure the utility to automatically update the weather info at any interval of time you like.

The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the weather forecast doesn't go any further than the next four days.

Still, this utility provides you with a quick and simple way to monitor weather forecasts directly from your desktop. It gives you access to accurate information, is very simple to handle, and is open source.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with accurate weather data
  • You can monitor weather info for multiple cities
  • Can be configured to automatically update data at a preferred interval of time


  • The weather forecast doesn't go any further than the next four days
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