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It offers a simple and efficient solution to keep your applications updated
Elvira — 10 months ago
ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION program is used to calculate the revenue and tax returns for private and public-sector companies in Philippines. It is developed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Government of the Philippines. You can easily import and export data as DAT files using this program.
Koepfer — Last year
Mac Informer updates all the other programs, but it is impossible to update Mac Informer from 0.6.3 to 0.6.4. beta version.
Guest #42198252 — Last year
Version 0.6.3 crashes constantly.
jputting — 2 years ago
This simply works much better than AppFresh, that app constantly made mistakes and it was an app you had to pay for. Mac Informer works well and is easy to use and has NOT made a mistake yet. The latest version is the best yet.
Guest #9711569 — 4 years ago
Great prog, I love it.
Time saving and detailed
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