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Mac Informer is a great tool to keep your system always up to date
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Mac Informer is a great tool to keep your system always up to date. It scans your computer and finds all the applications that you have installed. Most importantly, it points out the versions of those applications. Mac Informer has an incredibly large web database with tens of thousands of applications and it always seems to know what is the current version of an application is. Thus, it can compare the versions of your apps against the most current ones, and when it detects that you are running out-of-date software, it will indicate you about it.

Before using the application, you need to register on Mac Informer. The process is quick and painless, I promise. After that, Mac Informer will connect to Mac Informer's servers and retrieve info about new versions. It will display this next to the applications' names on your list of apps.

If you click on any of your application on this list, you will see a small menu that allows you to ask a question about the app, write a comment and choose whether you want to be notified of new updates, new comments or questions. You can also choose to ignore updates for any app. This menu shows the name of the developer of the app, the quantity of Mac Informer users and you have a possibility to rate it. Rating is very helpful for other users, so it is advisable.

Mac Informer's newest version, 0,3, has seen some improvements over the last version. Perhaps the most noteworthy of all the changes is the addition of Facebook support. Both the interface and the program have been optimized, and a few bugs here and there were solved.

José Fernández
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