InsomniaT is a re-write of the Insomnia module for Snow Leopard
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InsomniaT is a re-write of the Insomnia module for Snow Leopard. This module, plug-in or whatever you might want to call it allows you to modify the default behavior of your Macbook Pro when you close its lid. By default, when you do that, your Mac goes to sleep. But I don't really like that my Mac goes to sleep when I only need to move it to the next room and I don't want to move it with the lid open, because I don't want to scratch my screen. Well InsomniaT fixes that and it works well in Snow Leopard. Another similar app, called InsomniaX, did the same thing, but it stopped working on Snow Leopard for me.

InsomniaT uses an installation wizard to install the necessary files. Its graphical user interface is located in the Preferences window. It is a preference pane and the only option available is to turn the module on and off. When the module is on, it shows the status with a bar in green, and it also tells you that the MacBook will not suspend when the lid is closed.

All in all, this app works very well. It would be great if it had a MenuBar icon for toggling it on and off or if you could set it to start with your system.

José Fernández
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