Manage the data within your iOS device directly from your Mac
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iMazing is a Mac program created for people who own iOS gadgets and are looking for an easy way to transfer data between their devices and Macs. The utility supports various iOS products, allows you to transfer multiple types of files, and immediately completes any given task.

The first thing you need to do is to launch the program and then connect your iOS gadget to your Mac. The utility will sort the iOS files into categories and provide you with a search tool to help you immediately find the data you wish to back up to your local folders or iTunes library.

You can batch transfer files between the connected device and your Mac, delete data from the iOS gadget, delete iOS apps, etc.

While testing the application on my Mac I noticed several flaws. For example, I had to connect and reconnect my iOS device two times until the program displayed any info about the gadget. Afterwards, I had no issues when it came to connecting the Apple product to my Mac.

Furthermore, the application lacks a built-in media player which might prove to be of good use when deciding which iOS music files or videos you wish to transfer to your Mac.

In my opinion, you should try the trial version of the utility and then decide if it's worth keeping the iOS file manager on your Mac or not. It allows you to transfer various types of files, works fast, and is affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Works with multiple iOS device models.
  • Offers you detailed info about the connected iOS device and lets you export the report.
  • Comes with a search tool.
  • Lets you transfer data between the connected iOS device and your Mac


  • Occasionally fails to detect the connected iOS device.
  • Lacks a built-in media player
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