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  • Checking Resolution List
  • Main Menu
  • Checking Monitor Info
  • Program Preferences
  • Welcome Window
  • Display Maestro screenshot
  • About
  • Preferences
  • Detailed Display Information

Editorial review


Ashley Griggs Senior editor

Display Maestro is a program that might prove to be of good use if you're working on multiple screens that are connected to your Mac. This application disregards the operating system settings of concealing display resolution that are likely unsafe for your monitor.

The utility stays on your Menu Bar from where you can change the display settings accordingly.
You have access to a list containing various resolutions with their correspondent bit depth options.

I like the fact that once you make your choice and click over the display option that matches your requirements, the app immediately applies the changes. You can always undo the action by selecting the original display settings from the main menu of the app.

Furthermore, the program provides you with detailed information regarding the monitors you're using, such as horizontal image size, manufactured year, product name, and many others.

To conclude, Display Maestro is an easy-to-use yet very helpful application for users who work on multiple monitors. The utility sits quietly on your Menu Bar, offers simple-to-configure settings, and comes with a fair price.


  • Simple to handle.
  • Offers you various display settings.
  • Allows you to set 256-color bit depth resolutions.
  • Uses a very small amount of CPU resources.


  • None.

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