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Ashley Griggs Senior editor

This review applies to version 1.7. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Compartments is an advanced application that helps you maintain complete databases containing items within your house, office, computer, bank and many other; this way, whenever you are looking for a certain object, this efficient tool will remind you of its location and many other useful details, such as price, serial number, warranty, etc.

You will be able to create dozens of classes for as many locations as you want, from buildings and dressers to offices and computers; once you finish creating new locations, you can start adding items onto your database and entering their particular details, such as location, value, warranty, model, serial number, some notes and even a picture of the item.
An efficient search engine will help you locate any object within the built database by simply entering the proper keywords and selecting the search filter; in just a few moments, you will have access to a complete list with all related items.

Moreover, the program puts on your disposal a WarrantyGuard that informs you about the expiring soon or expired warranties.

In conclusion, Compartments proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to inventory your assets in a fast and efficient manner.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Comes with a built-in search engine.
  • Access to WarrantyGuard.
  • Able to add as many items as you want with ease.


  • None.

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  • 0
    Hloy Dranks 4 years ago

    Well, ok. The program is just fine for offices and big firms. But I can't think of its usefulness at home: it sounds strange to sit and enumerate your things for me.

    • 0
      Keath_Wyszynski 4 years ago

      This app must suit the Mormons perfectly. 'So, how many wives do I really have, once again?'

  • 0
    Betty 4 years ago
    Pros: Simply awesome
    Cons: None

    The app allows you to catalog EVERYTHING. A very handy program.

    • 0
      Ann 4 years ago

      A very pleasant application with gorgeous icons and beautiful illustrations. The program makes the process of inventorying a real fun.

      • 0
        Hans Goatse.inger 4 years ago

        Gorgeous icons? Hey, lady, pleasant applications, nice features, fun when using: all that is okay. But gorgeous icons?!


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