Playing Song

Now Playing
Now Playing plugin monitors the song you are listening to and publishes the data in various ways: - Creates a XML file...
...display your currently playing song or your recently played tracks. To...
Singer Song Reader
Kenya Nakayama
Singer Song Reader is a Mac utility that comes in handy if you're throwing a karaoke party...
...every time you start playing a song in iTunes, thi ...the lyrics for the songs I played in iTunes. I...
I Love Stars
Potion Factory LLC
Rate the currently playing song in iTunes from your menu bar with a single click...
Rate the currently playing song in iTunes from ...the way through the song. • Play/pause, next, and...
Cadence BPM Tapper
Cadence BPM Tapper is a free application that takes as input a user's clicks in time with the beat of a song...
...of the currently playing song in iTunes. It ...the beat of the song playing in iTunes generates...
Instant Player
Instant Player is going to take your iTunes music experience to a whole new level. Through a combination...
...menu bar. Start playing a song or album is a ...artwork of the currently playing song right at your...
Tune Buddy
By Jaroslaw Szpilewski
This little utility will always show you the currently playing song in the notification tray of your Mac OS X system...
...show you the currently playing song in the notification tray ...get to see the playing track and adjust...
Theme Song Trivia
Koingo Software, Inc.
Theme Song Trivia is a customizable trivia game for Mac. In this game, 2 or more teams take...
...guess the theme song being played. The team that ...the game will play the songs and display a timer...
ITunes Current Song Menu
AlphaOmega Software
iTunes Current Song Menu... You want to display the song currently played by iTunes in the menu bar? You...
...the song currently played? Then ITunes Current Song ...display the song currently played by iTunes...
Lyric Search
Lyric Search allows you to instantly search for the lyrics of the current song you're playing. While iPod...
...the current song you're playing. While iPod ...lyrics for the currently playing song. It provides a...
AutoLyrica for iTunes
Arkanath Pathak
AutoLyrica for iTunes can read lyrics for the current song playing in iTunes. Main feature: - Supports split-view...
...lyrics for the current song playing in iTunes. Main ...Art and Tags for playing song with a click.
Song Announcer
mdlrsoft 2011
Do you want to hear what song is playing ? Who is the artist ? See out youtube video here :...
...artist of the song that is playing. ✓ No need to ...as soons as a new song is played ✓ Use any browser...
Code Quintessence
Music is great! That's why you've got an iTunes library full of it. But who wants to spend more time finding...
...interrupting the currently playing song. You can rearrange ...rate the currently playing song. All of...
Album Art
Alastair Tse
A fast and compact album art and song rating displaying widget. It displays the album cover art of songs playing in iTunes...
...page of the current playing song or artist, rate ...click and pause/skip/play songs without opening the...
What's Playing Now
TOLIS Group. Inc.
What's Playing Now (WsPN) is a Status menu that displays the name, artist, and album...
...the song that is playing ...Play/Pause • Next/Previous Song • Mark the currnet song to...