Google+ reopened

6 years ago

Dear Software Informer users, today we have another chance to invite you to our Google+ page. We regret to say that we were forced to quit last time, as the website's former policy contradicted our purposes. Now that the social network became open to businesses, we are glad to inform you...

The Recommendations Tab

6 years ago

Dear Software Informer Users, we are working hard to bring you new and exciting features that will help you in finding the software you are looking for. Without further ado, we are presenting a new tab on your personal profiles - “Recommendations”. The tab will reveal a list of programs...

Long-expected release of Mac Informer!

7 years ago

Attention please! We launch Mac Informer at last! We’ve been working really hard on improving our current projects and enhancing some new ones. Sorry for the delay! Today we announce long-awaited release of our Mac Informer project, a Mac version of our popular Software Informer. Please, go...

Mac Informer

8 years ago

Dear Users! We are delighted to announce that we've put up a Mac version of Software Informer, aptly called Mac Informer, at If you happen to own a Mac, give our Mac Informer Client a try and don't hesitate to leave your comments, suggestions, and questions (we have created...

We are in CryptoPicture!